Maria Oliveira

2021 - Ongoing

The waters’ movement is fast,

and fast is the sharp way they enter the body,

and recognize it as home, yard, shelter.

They can now call it riverbed, flooded are the veins,

and submerged the vital organs, on flesh lays the heaviest part of a river,

sands, the tiny fish, a haunting well.

I come to the summits’ challenge,

to the solidity of names,

I say mountain and my body reacts

I say, as a cradling place, a premature memory, a slap.

If I lose myself I won't survive without the name of rivers,

I decorate the hierarchy of the liquids.

‘Leakage’ is a poetic exploration based on the idea of interior, intimacy, fragility, in nature and body.

This work was developed in an artist residency at ‘Escola de Macieira’, São Pedro do Sul, Portugal.

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