It’s still morning

Maria Oliveira

2018 - Ongoing

Reality is always the imminence of something about to happen, transition is the most natural state of things. We think of the world in our way, under dominion, adjusted to our hands. Attentive to what we can control. But life belongs to us to the same extent as death. We always watch that which ends. To think of the world as a common and changeable place is also to recognise its fragility and non-permanent nature. And this condemnation is its beauty. In spite of everything that is organised, that is built and abandoned to serve us, it will be in what escapes us that we will be safer. That which exists despite us. Accordingly, and at this time, it will make sense to become aware of the place we occupy, in which direction we are headed.

The project was part of the first Bienal de Fotografia do Porto, with the theme ‘Adaptation and Transition’ that aim to reflect can we contribute to transitioning towards a better adapted and more sustainable society.

“Being both a constructive and destructive force, we are drastically shifting the structure of our planet. It is an unavoidable challenge to adapt to a changing and increasingly uncontrollable environment, where all forms of life negotiate their survival. Adapting to transition is already an inevitability. Accepting and embarking on this transition is an opportunity for us to act. It is a matter of urgency to discover other ways of living in and interpreting the world. “

This work is a reflection about our position in the world, how we interact and affect the enviroment, the other living being. I want to think about the duality of control and the fragility of the world. The constant tension between our need of interfere in the planet and the natural and eternal state of the things that is the transition.

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