Fantasma Inheritance

Margaux Corda

2017 - 2018

Work on my deceased mother, on the inheritance of the symbolic and genetic of the woman. The theme of identity has long been present in my work. It is translated in this case by a kind of identity quest through images of my mother, who died in 2016, on which I intervened by staging, imitating her poses and light to create a kind of morphing from both of us, a journey between past and present, a deeper mother-daughter portrait, a demonstration of the genetic heritage, and the family’s physical and genealogical heritage.

Continuing in the idea of inheritance, I photographed her jewels and those of my grandmother, whom I inherited, as well as souvenirs from Spain, their country of origin. It also includes the idea of remembrance but above all the symbolic heritage in a family as well as fantasy woman inheritance and maternal reflection.

The images that I have made have been subject to a work of light by reflection, which for me represents the metaphor of memory, this dazzlement that comes to us when we imagine death, but also to represent this fuzzy limit between the visible and the invisible of this one.

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