Margaux Corda

2018 - Ongoing

Face is a project that questions identity under the prism of standardized and standardized beauty in today's Western society. Using in neutral masks, by collecting and comparing them, I very quickly noticed differences within this neutrality. This search for neutral mask questions what is the standard face / beauty of the population in this time and this context in the imagination of the manufacturers, but also and especially in the collective European imagination. Although they are supposed to be generic each and specific and all are different from each other, which destroys the idea of ​​the generic and standard face.

Once gathered in a collection, I staged wearing masks in an identity and personal quest. How each mask interferes with the identity code present on my face. How any form on the mask, as small as it is, translates a new one and thus potentially a new identity on the person who wears it. How this new form blurs and takes over my face and my identity. Each form of face thus gives birth to a new identity at the same time as it removes one.

This quest is also justified by this constant pressure of models of identity and beauty in the media and social networks. The use of empty masks and multiplication reflects this feeling of social pressure. I push it here on each of the masks to create discomfort and dehumanized objects previously used in a very personal and carnal way. The multiplicity of these wants for a hypnotic effect, an army of empty faces that would represent the population, globalization and uniformity that it often wants too unhealthy

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