Blade For Babes

Margaux Corda

2020 - Ongoing

Blade for Babes is a reflection on beauty and innocence. The project aims to question our vision of the gender and the dictates that we impose on women and men in our modern western society. Fascinated by certain symbols, I wanted to image a satirical criticism of certain codes and clichés that we are still struggling to question.

I am talking about the superficiality of certain injunctions that continue to feed taboos, and the psychological ill-being that threatens every girls and boys, every women and men, behind the violence that society imposes on us. The taboos that I myself lived and still live, which no longer make sense in our time, which hides a lot of unhappiness and misunderstanding in young people. Faced with our body, with our «duties» as women or men, our physical and psychological pain in the face of this constant pressure. And it is this violence, which I would like to reverse, by showing that resistance is possible, and that it is already coming to life. It is finally starting to come to life through feminist movements around the world, with strikes, demonstrations and other acts of force in the face of our patriarchal society.

I first wondered about certain everyday objects, which may seem trivial, but which basically have a symbolic charge that is no longer questioned. Whether it’s the kitchen knife, or the gloss, up to certain commercially gendered children’s products. Each time in a so-called feminine and gentle aesthetic to each time divert objects from their initial connotation and thus create discomfort.

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