Published on 20th June 2016

Second Reception

  • Chad migrant (19 years old) in apparent confusion (amplified by the use of alcohol).

  • Athobrham, 37, Eritrea. Graduated in Mathematics flees to Sudan and then in Ethiopia (persisted for two years as a refugee), then in Libya and and arrives to Lampedusa in Italy. His family is still in a refugee camp in Ethiopia. He pray after eating. He's a Christian.

  • The interior of a former classroom has become, over the years, a real house furnished with their own memories.

  • A migrant cleans what will be a next home.

  • A migrant is changing in a bathroom.

  • Ahmed, 34, Chad. Smoke tobacco in a hookah. He crossed the Sahara on a jeep with 50 other people.

  • Bahr, 29, Chad. A room in a basement (no windows).

  • A window with grille, a symbol of their captivity in a nation that many difficulties to ensure a decent standard of living for migrants who have requested political asylum. The look evokes a hope of a better life.

  • A television, tuned to Al Jazeera airs a report on the status of illegal immigrants arriving in Italy, highlighting the low humanity against the "invasion".

  • Lamin, Ghana. Tailor. He's trying to continue his work through the difficulties.

  • Exterior view of S.E.T.. In the south of Italy there are hundreds and hundreds of (refugee) centers like this one; because the south of Italy is in a strategic position in the Mediterranean.

  • A Somali minor.

  • A Somali minor.

  • A minors from Somalia.

  • A migrant form Somalia. He has made the journey despite disability.

  • A migrant is sleeping in his tent.

  • A Somali minor.

  • A bed place for a migrant.

  • A migrant is playing soccer alone.

  • A self-built mosque by muslim migrants.

Second Reception

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