It's not summer anymore

Marco Antonio Filho

2010 - 2013

Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

When I was only one year old, my parents bought a small summerhouse on Tramandaí, on the southern coast of Brazil. It was there that I spent every summer of my childhood and adolescence. From January to March (summertime in Brazil), that was my city. Its irregular streets, grassy sidewalks and dark sand beaches was my home. For me, the three-month vacation on the coast was what I would call "real life". The rest was just an uncomfortable interlude – as if I had been sentenced to exile.

Gradually time passed – as it should be – and so the summers were getting shorter, until it vanished almost completely. Tramandaí, once full of friends and fun, became a ghost town form me, haunted by a past that I tried to catch, but was no long there.

Today I photograph the city during the winter time – a period in which, because of adverse weather conditions, most of its inhabitants migrate to urban centres, leaving empty houses and streets, hoping for the summer to return.

I search – like an archaeologist – to recover what remains only faintly signaled in the scenarios of my youth.

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