Marcelo's Stories


1968, the fire of ideas

Social Issues, Street Photography, Documentary

There is a direct relationship between the ideas of 1968 and the revolutionary movements in Latin America in 1970, all part of the social process that ended with bloody dictatorships in the late seventies. These repressive governments were fighting the ideas of 1968.

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I pray with my feet

Social Issues, Documentary

This triptych is dedicated to the memory of Rabbi Marshall Meyer. The close connection of Luther King with Heschel, mentor of Meyer, show a direct line between the Civil Rights movement of the United States of America and the Movement for Human Rights in Argentina.

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Playing at Dying

Portrait, War & Conflicts, Fine Art

Playing at dying is part of the photographic essay Buena Memoria | Good Memory, by Marcelo Brodsky, la marca editora, Buenos Aires, 1997. It is an image conformed by twelve video stills taken from a domestic Super 8.

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