mini golf of sensual sports

McKinna Anderson

2016 - Ongoing

Gainesville, Florida, United States

McKinna 27 (less than a mile away).


Let’s get a drink. We’ll chat, it’ll be weird, it could be fun, I might just wanna take your photograph.


Isn’t it curious, the fact that you can always find me here. My name found through taps that makes ‘me’ ever available to you. Preferences like age, gender, proximity and the utilization of my data activity place your profile before my eyes, and mine before yours. My thumb feels the soft vibrations that occur as I press through your photographs; isn’t that satisfying?

Behind my screen tapping through, at the same time you are too.

Each landscape offers itself to me and all the other fish in the sea. I see your age, profession, the images that show who you are and what you offer. For a second, I get to play make believe -are you real? Are you being truthful? But then again, am I? I imagine myself there, in the landscape where I have reconstructed your body with the environment you chose to situate yourself within. These closed circuits of connectivity make it easier and more necessary to look at others in order to see within.

McKinna is an interdisciplinary artist working in photography, sculpture, and installation. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of South Florida in 2016 and is currently a Masters of Fine Arts candidate at the University of Florida. McKinna’s work presents how social media accounts function as an extension of self, examines ways in which they invite the participation of others, and critiques our intimate connection to them. Curious about boundaries between online representation and physical presence, she situates her practice in the context of identity construction, social connectivity, and hyperreality.

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  • mini golf of sensual sports

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  • mini golf of sensual sports

  • mini golf of sensual sports

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