Trace of Lost Moment

Mahdyar Jamshidi

2011 - 2012

Trace Of The Lost Moment


I was born when there was still Seven of the war left.

My childhood got stolen by a crash of the good and the evil.

many did not come back, disappeared.

I still remember them in my lost moment, in my room, my wardrobe,

every single moment in my current life.

although Iran/Iraq(1980-1988) war Had Ended 23 years ago

from technical aspect,

I reprint in big size my family archive photo album

And put on the some part of my home and retake in Absolut darkness with night vision camera. All of this project is response to my nostalgia feeling about war which has been penetrated in my current life and moments. Some feeling like Insecurity And Trauma.

ALL of photos in this project came from my family archive and retaken by night vision camera inside the home space in through Absolut darkness.

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