Mafalda's Stories


3rd Generation : Palestine

»3rd Generation« is an symmetrically planned project about youth within the middle-east conflict, realized by Iuna Vieira (photography on the Israeli side), Mafalda Rakoš (photography on the Palestinian side), and Raphael Reichl (graphic design).

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I want to disappear - approaching eating disorders

Social Issues, Contemporary Issues, Documentary

Eating Disorders are not just about food or the desire to be thin, and they are much more widespread than commonly assumed. This partly autobiographical project sheds light on the deeper roots on phenomena such as Anorexia, Bulimia and Binge Eating.

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Il y a des jours sombres

»Il y a des jours sombres« (There Are Dark Days) is the working title of a project realized in January – July 2012.

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