A Garden in Forest

claudia tavares

2014 - 2016

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A Garden in Forest tells a story about water, through an action that starts in Rio de Janeiro and is completed in the Forest location , interior of Pernambuco, the region hit by long and severe droughts. The action is based on removing the excess moisture from my studio in Rio, through dehumidifiers, collect the water and take it to the hinterland to water a garden that would be built there. For two years I bottled water, thinking of the drought that prevents the proliferation of green and life. I went from Rio to Forest taking with me about 180 bottles. For five days I traveled through towns and villages neighbors, where people who cultivate their gardens presented me with seedlings for planting. Returning to Forest, I built a garden and showered the garden with bottled water. It rained and the hinterland turned green.

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