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Madelaine Ekserciyan

2012 - Ongoing

My cousin had quadruplets.

Four brothers together 24hs a day.

Since the beginning it was an adventure.

I started to take them pictures since they were born and I continue doing it. Every day its a little bit more difficult. They decide when I can take them pictures.

I love spending time with them. They are full of energy.

I could be all day watching them interact with each other.

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  • Everyday. Brothers love.

  • Three years old. Felix, Jesusita, Ummi & Indio.

  • Mate (argentinan tea) has to be shared.

  • Indio is watching Ummi making a dance choreography.

  • Rutine. All together making different things.

  • Indio just turned 6 years old and got his first tatoo.

  • She always have that mix between a princess and a common argentinian girl.

  • Summer holidays at the beach. The most desired ice-cream of the day, triple flavour. strawberry, vanilla and chocolate.

  • Finally the first tooth was gone. Jesusita was the only one of her brothers who had all her teeth and was waiting desperately for this day.

  • Umm shooting Jesusita.

  • Becoming asleep.

  • Jessica shooting Ummi.

  • The last one to take the bath. He wanted to enjoy. Alone. In peace.

  • Umm and Jesusita practicing for school break.

  • Not know. No pictures.

  • One year old. The four of them at home.