Now here, Now there

Lu Wang


Shanxi Sheng, China

This is a dream about "going home".

Due to inflfluence of COVID-19, some of my work in progress is hard to be produced for now. The work "Now here, Now there" is a story that mixes reality and a fifictional description of my hometown and Tokyo as its subjects.I use a map of China to visualize the landscape of returning home by combining images which cut from the map with the photos taken in my hometown.On the other hand, with the COVID-19 explosion, a new routine is created, the action of "washing hand, disinfecting hands" has become a very frequent and important act, often mentioned by the government, newspapers, family and friends.I took this new normal life as one perspective, expressed a new lifestyle through photography.

The fifictional description took me back home and back to the past as well. But the newly created routine always presents me with a return to reality.

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