Luis Cobelo

2015 - 2016


In Cuba all is about patience and waiting.

The Waiting series are portraits of cuban/havanean people in their homes.

They talk about what they were/are waiting for regarding Cuban recent and old history.

They were waiting to live a diferent life and waiting for a life in a different country.

Today, after so many years, a door of hope seems to finally make that wait come to end.

I tried to get away from those cliches that we are habituated to see about Cuba and

focus in the people, in what they think and wait for their lives

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  • Azucena Plasencia, 73 years old. Journalist. "I expect a real change in my country."

  • Carlos Manuel Marin. 64 years old. “I expect let´s have our feet in the ground to this great challenges comes for the future.”

  • Luis Trápaga. 52 years old. Artist. “I wait something but I can´t say it”

  • Lia Villares. 30 years old. Blogger. I want to act, to do something, not wait."

  • Gorki Aguila. Leader of the punk band Porno Para Ricardo.
    "I'm pretending that I am waiting something but I am not".

  • Virginia Molina, 61 years old. Teacher. "I'm from the generation of those who do not expect anything."

  • Noelsy Benitez. 24 years old. "I hope to travel but always return to Cuba, have a family and be close to my twin sister."

  • Maria Izquierdo. 33 years old. Contemporary artist. "I hope to be recognized by my real talent, which is exercise my sensitivity."

  • Yainet Gonzales, 18 years. "I hope to be someone”.

  • Amelia tejera, 78 years old. Saleswoman in a bakery in downtown.
    “I expect hope good health for my children and my grandchildren”

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