Chas Chas

Luis Cobelo

2018 - 2019

Buenos Aires, Argentina

30 years ago, I came across a story in the form of a comic called "Parque Chas", dedicated to a neighbourhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The comic reveals, in several chapters, the adventures of a writer who was told by someone that fantastic and extraordinary things happen there. Where wonderful magical people live.

The reason that "out of the ordinary" things can take place, is because the center of the neighbourhood was planned and constructed as a spider's web or a labyrinth.

That's why the “Chas-chasians” say that if you enter into that concentric form, you may never leave and magical things can happen to you. Essentially, in Parque Chas everything is possible.

All those years later, I decided to travel thousands of kilo-meters to see for myself.

But what really led me to travel there was to discover if the following saying was true: "Everything you ever lost in your life, exists in Parque Chas".

And yes, I found it.

The project "Chas Chas" is an intangible exploration of the intricate myths and amazing lives of a neighbourhood. Images, documents, drawings and magic create a world where imagination has no limits. And where whoever was lost, will be found.


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  • The sea
    Behind a boarded wall, a window, around the corner. Do you know what magic is?

  • The map and the explorer
    Lito, the explorer, have a artifact to move in the neigborhood

  • The strange place
    Where you can find the book of the truth

  • The country
    Argentina is a musical word that sails in turbelents waters.

  • The eye
    Who can see everything.

  • The tree
    Christmas spirit is alway available for hire.

  • The Grandma
    That came to die.

  • The elf
    The elf of Chas is always messing up the house things of the people of the neighborhood and makes sculptures that he leaves in front of their homes.

  • The L
    The Card always win.

  • The crazy
    Jorge is the soccer coach and also a magician. Isn´t great?

  • The beggining
    Is good to have imaginary friends.

  • The heat
    Elisa is a spider who never pretends to be a spider in the labyrinth

  • The elf ( again)
    The elf of Chas is always messing up the house things of the people of the neighborhood and makes sculptures that he leaves in front of their homes

  • The cut
    The totally balls cut.

  • The punks
    They are the punks of Chas.

  • The sister
    I lost my sister Pilar in the way of life. Only to find her living in Parque Chas

  • The bad and the good
    What´s up? everything bad, really? everything good.

  • The president
    Miguel ran away to save his life and returned when life could be lived.

  • The fake ball
    There is a device to discover moods and the women earned less, always.

  • The satellites
    Around the Chas Love universe.

  • The heroin
    Lea discovered that art can change people´s lives. So, she enchanted everyone on the streets.

  • The ballbreaker
    Don´t mess with Mabel because she will break your balls.

  • The wound
    Some scars leave deep loves.

  • The peach and the heart
    I left my burning heart behind, and a smashed peach. They are both bloody juicy.

  • The death
    The dead machine shows me the day and the way in wich I will die. I won´t tell you The fake
    Somethings are better to believe.

  • Chas Chas Video