The Perfect Daughter

Ludovica Bastianini

2020 - Ongoing

Napoli, Campania, Italy

Quarantine and isolation have been to me a trigger that gave me a spontaneous need of looking deeper into my inner feelings and past experiences. I lost the daily contact with the outside world and I had a lot of time to dedicate to myself in a spiritual way. This project is the result of that process.

“The Perfect Daughter” is a translation into images of a psychoanalysis path. Starting from my personal situation, I began to deconstruct my internal images by manipulating my family photographic archive. I needed to overturn the cards, break them down, re-evaluate memories, to create a new autobiographical and photographic point of view. Photographic manipulation has been to me a powerful tool capable of revealing the invisible, interior dynamics, present and past, individual and collective, consolidated or related to a specific limited period in time.

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  • Me at my 30s, when I was living in Switzerland

  • Me at 5 years old, with my favorite dress

  • My sister with a clown make up

  • Me and dad skating; me at 17 when I lost the Italian championship; my medal, when I won the Italian championship

  • I once participated in a card competition with my father, in summer. I was the youngest participant and the only girl. In couple with dad we gained the first prize

  • My mother and my sister - Detail of my sister with a "carrot nose" - My mother playing a summer archery tournament

  • Me at 10, my sister at 14, during summer holidays

  • The family on skis. Collage of
    old photos taken during the 80's

  • Me, I don't remember when

  • Me and my partner, both back to Italy after 3 years living abroad, 2019