Still life

Ludovica Bastianini

2020 - 2021

Pozzuoli, Campania, Italy

After the first Italian quarantine, my partner and I moved to Pozzuoli, a small town of about 80,000 inhabitants, in the province of Naples. The risk of a second lockdown made us desire to live in a place with easy access to the sea and natural parks, less polluted by city smog as well as by the constant noise of ambulances.

First Summer here has been idyllic. It gave us the illusion that nothing happened, that we would soon start again with our usual lives. For me, who had based my work mainly abroad, life has entered in a sort of standby: the Company I work for has been telling me, since March, that maybe we will resume “next month”.

In the meantime, infections rise again, the restrictive orders start again, more and more commercial activities declare bankruptcy. This beautiful promenade where I live now, which was once full of overcrowded restaurants, bars and pubs, it's becoming, day after day, more and more empty. Restaurants in the surroundings are all closed.

Still, between visions of the past and the attempt to imagine the future, I wait and observe.

The project mixes different media: text, drawing, graphic, digital photography and video.

The following video is part of the project:


The title of this project "Still life", doesn't contain any reference to the photography filed of still life. The title in fact recalls more than anything else the original meaning of this term, born in reference to "still life" in painting. The original term "stilleben" means "silent life", silent in its own poetics. The term "Still" is therefore not simply "still", but in this case alludes to a composition that abolishes the idea of time, where the static nature of the elements becomes a reason for abstract suspension from the surrounding reality.

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