Terra Incognita

luca spano

2011 - 2019

Sardinia, Italy

Terra Incognita is a body of work about the Idea of islandness. It has an installative design, made of photographs and items placed in a precise cartographic arrangement. It has been developed between 2011 and 2019 in multiple trips to the place where I was born, Sardinia, an island in the center of the Mediterranean sea.

This brown mark on a map surrounded by the color blue, has been the cradle of the ancient Nuragic civilization and a cross path of cultures for centuries. Because of its strategic placement between Middle East, Africa and Europe, it has been colonized by multiple populations, which transformed it in a place with a history difficult to be traced. The passing of time, left it in between mythology and scientific findings, creating a blurred relationship between what is reality and fiction.

This dichotomy fueled Sardinia's inhabitants to build their own imaginary, which slightly differ from one person to the other, but that always connects elements commonly found in islands stories such as exoticism, colonialism and beliefs.

Terra Incognita situates itself in this intersection, contemplating the territory through the eyes of an explorer looking at a cultural landscape that reveals its imaginative nature.

The work is completely produced. It has been recently exhibited in a solo show in France at the Italian Institute of Culture in Paris, France in 2019. My needs are the covering for the shipment of the material (framed prints, chairs and rocks). The pictures of the installation are just examples of a previous arrangement, the exhibition design can be changed and adapted to the peculiarities of a different space.

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