Junkcija (Junction)

Lucija Rosc

2020 - Ongoing

Mozirje, Slovenia; Gornji Grad, Slovenia; Ljubljana, Slovenia

In my work I'm dealing with topics of family memory, cultural identity, archiving and collecting objects while trying to create playful dialogues between the past and the present. In this series I operate with collective memory of my grandparents and I try to combine it with my childhood memories. I grew up surrounded by the elderly, because my grandparents looked after me as didn’t go to the kindergarten. They taught me different skills and encouraged me to do things that I loved to do most, such as: drawing, watching cartoons, eating, wrapping up random things as gifts and petting their neighbor’s dog Peja. In this series I decided to use different objects and materials that I’ve found in my teenage room, family basement, my grandparents kitchen, their storage room etc. Materials and objects I've picked are also connected with my grandma’s habit of hoarding. She sometimes collects things solely with the purpose of me using them to create sculptures or photographs, which makes her a co-curator of some of the works that I've made in this context.

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  • Homegrown apple on a painted stone.

  • This sculpture is an hommage to our family picnics in Luče, Slovenia.

  • My grandma holding baby bottle filled with warm milk.

  • My grandma gave me these two pieces of foam and said that I should make something interesting with them, so I did this.

  • Mind map made with two pieces of painted styrofoam, a leaf from my mother's garden and two foamy pieces that my grandma gave me.

  • My grandma's hand holding her homegrown cucumber.

  • A metal brain teaser we used to play with/solve a lot in our family when I was a child.

  • Behind the tatami tower is an archival photograph of Slovenian mountains taken by my grandfather.

  • A piece of dry gluten-free bread that I found in our kitchen, standing upright in the plastic bag, exactly like this.

  • Sculpture made out of a can of beans, a piece of folded paper, printed photograph of the sky, an orange, a lemon, a biscuit and a potato from my grandparent's field.

  • Here are my grandparents.
    I took this photo of them when I was very young. My grandma told me that this is one of the first photos I've ever taken.

  • Scan of a popped Tetra Pak Erik ice tea, which was popular in Slovenia when I was a child. It is hard to find it nowadays. An air-filled carton makes a nice bang when popped.

  • Composition made with five different-colored chopsticks, four tuna cans and a balloon.

  • A picture of my grandma balancing a tatami chain.

  • This sculpture is built with two different sponges and a painted papier-mâché piece.

  • An archival picture of my grandfather sleeping on the couch.

  • I've created this sculpture with an old leftover tile from our basement and four layers of polyurethane foam.