Female Artists Uncovered

Lenka Rayn H.

2018 - Ongoing

City of London, England, United Kingdom

Lenka Rayn H

Female Artists Uncovered

Project summary

Female Artists Uncovered is a photographic project where by I photograph my female artists friends nude/undressed/uncovered in their studios or in their personal creative environments.

I have been documenting my face and body for number of years as a way to observe, understand and accept my own image. In particular, this process has enabled me to be more at peace with what is happening to myself as I get older and the images act as a visual document of time passing as well as recording my state of mind at that time. By photographing myself nude, I have come to understand that the photography allows me to express my emotional journey, as well as its working as a self therapy.

Female Artists Uncovered is a continuation of my older series called Before and After where I asked women close to me to be photographed with and without their make up. I approached the women that I knew personally to show their natural selves and let me document them without their make up. I saw this a way of taking off their mask or a guard which some of us put on to either gain more confidence or feel better about ourselves. I often found that by knowing all these women without the make up on their natural look was often in my eyes more beautiful.

This time I feel the need to take it further by asking the participating artists to strip their clothes off and to let themselves be free and hopefully achieve a sense of empowerment in their naked body. The reason why I ask artists to participate in this project is because I feel that their creative practice is often a form of expression for hidden issues or agendas that through their work helps them to work through it or highlight certain issues to the rest of us.

I am currently researching to see where my work sits contextually within fine art and how I can contribute to the representation of the female body now. My research has included looking at 20th century self portraiture by female artists, reading academic texts on the male and female gaze and I’m developing my understanding and ideas around feminist issues.

I am also exploring the representation of the nude female body within current arts movements and society today. I want to contribute with this project to the advancement of more empathy and gender equality within arts and society by making images that show real women in a real way created by women.

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