Uncertainty and Possibility

Lisa Pram

2018 - Ongoing

Uncertainty & Possibility is an attempt to connect with the pure tools and construction of us, as a family, regardless of the sudden hardship that follows diversity.

Our eldest daughter Andrea is challenged by a rare syndrome, 5P-, a chromosomal condition caused by a missing piece of information on the short arm of chromosome 5. This disorder is characterized by intellectual disability and delayed development.

She may give the impression of being vulnerable, but she really is magic, strength, balance, connection, empathy and sensitivity. We watch her empower each day, become who she is in her essence; some days wilder, some days softer. And meanwhile we, her family, strive to create an open and unprejudiced space where she can be herself.

These images are a collaboration, she offers me an alternative viewpoint and a sense of ease and peace.

On bad days, when doubting my parenting skills or fearing there is too little space for her in society, with its high speed and other current, more urgent and critical situations to solve, I turn to her gaze, drown in symbols and the light. And then I realize there is more to diversity, uncertainty and acceptance.

There is hope.

(This ongoing project combines 60 photographs, several poems, illustrations and film)

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  • Gentle

  • Decipher

  • To Build a Family

  • Solar System

  • To Build a Family II

  • Universe

  • Generation

  • Karyotypes and Stains

  • Administrative Paperwork

  • Belt

  • Asteroid

  • Late Night Shift (To the many nights we have spent in harsh hospitals)

  • Connected (To the many people we depend on and who lean us a hand without seeking anything in return)

  • Smile

  • Family

  • Scoliosis

  • Back Brace

  • Untitled lightness of being (Granddaugther)

  • Untitled lightness of being (Grandmother)

  • Flowers for Grandma