Published on 24th January 2019

" On air, a radio against the mine

  • On the road to the mine sites in Catamarca province, north Argentina. In this point, the community decided to create the radio.

  • View of the radio close to the road. The tree Algarrobo gave its name to the assembly and the radio.

  • View of one of the space of the assembly. Fernando and Roque come everyday to feed the dogs, share a mate and continue the occupation of the place, as they started in 2010

  • Roque, a neighbour and member of he Assembly.

  • Traditionnal Mate on the table, a shared moment in the radio's place.

  • Dogs also live in the place. They are part of the radio and take care of the installations.

  • On the road to the radio and also all the villages around we can see tags against the mine, and about the importance of preserving water for our life.

  • Aldo is one of the most emblematic members of the assembly and the radio. He posed during one of his favourite walk in the mountains around Andalgala.

  • View of the radio tower and its antenas in the middle of the trees.

  • Fernanda is looking to the landscape from the radio studio. She is part of the assembly and the radio project since it was created.

  • Martin is the operator of the official program of the assembly " The voice of the Algarrobo" about politics, fight against the mine and human rights.

  • During the program " The voice of the Algarrobo· inside the studio. On the wall we can see paintings refering to native culture in Argentina

  • The radio studio

  • Vane in front of the door of the radio. After assiting to a national meeting of popular radios, this member of the assembly decided to start thinking about a radio program about women by women.

  • Every saturday night, since 2010 the assembly protest against the mine corporations in the main square of Andalgala.

  • "Life and water won't be negociate, we don't forget, we don't forgive Mine corporation, out, Andalgala resist "
    Permanent banners on the main square in Andalgala.

" On air, a radio against the mine

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