Anita Pouchard Serra


Calais, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France

“It’s on the other side.

So close.

Borders are exciting for those who can cross them freely.

But sometimes, by the will of others, the wanderings stop.

One night, a blanket.

A few days, a tent.

A few weeks, a home.

A few months, a city.

Inhabiting the host,

the city is born and grows.

It is the visible face of a silent resistance.

That of human beings in

search to remain.

It’s on the other side.

So far. “

It is a photographic and drawn essay realized in the New Jungle of Calais, the spontaneous refugee camp between France and England that took place in 2015 and 2016. This visual history seeks to distance itself from the journalistic and political image and the idea of refugees camp and propose another approach to a place that is often stigmatized. Images that try to reveal little by little how a camp became a city, built by refugees and volunteers. Investigate new narratives and representations from a mix between my sketchbook, which accompanied me during my work, and my photographic images. These relate the territory, the daily theater of the daily lives that are tried to recreate from nothing, in a hostile place. The drawings symbolically take the viewer to the world of intimacy and detail, leaving him a greater degree of freedom to project and develop his own imagination on these paths of life, which suddenly become closer.

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