Curae 2023/24 Online Masterclass On Curatorial Practice
Year-end Public Presentation


ON THURSDAY 16 MAY at 4 pm (CEST) PhMuseum will host the online presentation of the works produced by the participants of CURAE 2023/24 | PhMuseum Online Masterclass On Curatorial Practice.

Under the guidance of artist and curator Erik Kessels, a selected group of curators and photographers has been working for 8 months towards the aim of curating the best possible exhibition of their own or somebody else's work.

Register now for the live stream to discover projects by Cole Ndelu, Sara Poli, Lucas Momparler, Varvara Uhlik, Erika Calderon, Francesco Pennacchio, Florine Thiebaud, Evgeniya Strygina, Athanasia-Maria Dourou, Katrina Whitehead, Katrin Greiner and Irene Opezzo.

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