I don't think you were the same all the time and now I wonder - was I

lise saxtrup

2016 - Ongoing


I was always fascinated by ”the real”. What seems obvious and meaningful to one can be the opposite of others. Our reality is our own. And I realized that it’s possible to illustrate it in photographs. As reality is physical but also how we feel and sense, working with photography in all the different phases of creating, is about making sense and creating meaning.

The creation of meaning is to me about searching for a coherent experience across history and media. I work easily with archive footage, gathered and altered, as well as with newly shot images, drawings, paintings, and photocopies and gathered from all kinds of (even contradictory) places and stories. The stories and feelings in our heads are truly our own and it’s not until we make the public, that we find out how rare we are as individuals even though we think we’re talking about the same (to be argued of cause taking mass media etc. into consideration, still what’s inside our heads always turns out different if we compare).

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