Fanta in front of things

Linda Forsell

2019 - Ongoing

A first look at everything.

“Fanta in front of things” is a photographic essay about the beginning of my daughter Fanta's life. With irony and humor we visit places all new to her, and tell the story of her very first experiences and interactions with society.

On a second level, the series is my personal reflection about the idiosyncrasy in the ordinary and occasionally extraordinary scenes we have come to take for granted. Fanta’s naive eyes and expressions highlight the marvel and strangeness of it all, and come with an honesty that is in stark contrast to the classic baby portraits embossed with soft filters and perfect lighting that we are used to.

“Fanta in front of things” is a project in progress that will continue to follow the first years of her life.

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  • Fanta and the bag pipe boy.

  • Fanta on expedition, in front of the Stockholm archipelago!

  • Fanta in front of the Norwegian mountains.

  • Fanta learning to be a proper tourist, in front of the Riddarholmen church.

  • Fanta in front of Edinburgh!

  • Fanta in front of Gröna Lund!

  • Fanta in front of a Sami village.

  • Fanta goes grocery shopping.

  • Fanta in front of the Oslo Opera house.

  • Fanta in front of reindeers!

  • Fanta, (unfortunately) IN FRONT OF Nessie, the Loch Ness monster.

  • Fanta in front of the Kinlochleven dam.

  • Fanta behind a plant.