TRACE - PhMuseum


Lieh Sugai

2018 - Ongoing

TRACE is a collected work of photographic images created using traditional film photography and a historical photographic process, chemigram, which I utilize to create reactions between the photographic paper and photographic chemicals.

These images were created in and between my two homes, in Japan and America, over the course of years, mainly during the past year of 2020. While TRACE became a reflection of reminiscence and nostalgia toward my home country during that difficult year, the work is much more than that: it is a spiritual journey populated by memories that surface between reality and illusion. It is also a reflection of a feeling of emptiness, surrender and acceptance to a greater and larger force or power, such as nature and the universe.

In TRACE, following the path of lights and shadows, I am searching for evidence of the existence of my home in my own fragmental memories.

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