Pa Bouje Ankò: Don’t Move Again

Laura Heyman

2009 - Ongoing

"Pa Bouje Ankò" uses the formal portrait to explore embedded hierarchies between photographers, participants and viewers. Shot in black and white with an 8x10 camera, the images present individuals living or temporarily residing in Haiti, in their particular surroundings; United Nations staff photographed on the UN Log Base, the former mayor of Port-au-Prince photographed in his home on the second anniversary of the earthquake, consultant Georges Michel in the conference room at the Ministry of Defense. Together, the collected portraits form a typology, updating August Sander’s People Of The 20th Century for the age of globalization.

Haiti's high concentration of foreign players in the fields of politics, development and aid functions as a lens focusing and magnifying the effects of globalization; on democracy, on the environment, on individual citizens. The portraits depict citizens navigating present and past in a nation whose statehood is in constant flux, where colonial legacies come up against contemporary political realities on a daily basis.

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  • Construction Site, La Saline, 2018

  • Maarten Boute at the Iron Market, 2015

  • Director and Volunteers for Poverty Resolutions at the Plaza, 2015

  • Georges Michel at the Ministry of Defense, 2015

  • Myrland Constant in Her Studio, Carrefour Feuilles, 2011

  • Citizen's Committee, Marisant, 2012

  • Patrick Elie, Turgeau, 2013

  • Caroline Demarque, U.N. LOG Base, 2011

  • Charles Constant, Carrefour Feuilles, 2012

  • Daniel Morel, Oloffson Hotel, 2017

  • Seventh Day Adventist Prayer Meeting, Stadium Saint Therese, 2017

  • Papa Doc and Baby Doc, Marche Salomon, 2015

  • Martelly, Peguy Ville, 2017

  • Preval, Biblioteque National, 2016

  • Aristide, Delmas, 2015

  • Jean-Yves Jason at his home in, Turgeau, January 2012

  • George and Judy Sands, Mountain Maid Baptist Self Help Center, Kenscoff, 2014

  • Thierry Gardiere, Barbancourt, 2015

  • Camesuze Mondesir, Grand Rue, 2011

  • Volunteers Installing JR’s “Rising Souls Haiti”, Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Port-au-Prince, 2012

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