Javier Arcenillas

2010 - 2018

United States

UFOPresences is the fun project about the spaces of UFO sightings and the way of transformation that localities, roads and cities turned into a legend. Aliens, Area 51, Death Valley or Roswell. The project that conceptualizes in images, maps and graphics the UFO phenomenon offers us places where these strange appearances have entered a unique subculture in the environment, endowing it with a singular energy. The psychoses and the missiles of the cold war in the decades after the second great war endowed this subculture with alarm and fear for the extraterrestrial invasion with B-series films and artistic movements that are present today in the collective ideology.

UFO sightings sow the geography of the USA and can construct your tap a map of the places chosen by a "higher intelligence" approach to the Earth's culture. They are random and mysterious places, apparently serve no logical interest in trying to understand the blue planet. They are derelict, isolated villages, canals and rivers, lost mountains, places with an obvious lack of interest as a sign of an unfamiliar culture. And yet, at that very place flying objects coming from another galaxy went down in sight of all to amaze with any witnesses chosen flashing lights.

Thousand landings of UFOs, unidentified flying objects have been cataloged in the US since 1940

The literature generated by these events has been well extended throughout history: UFO sightings or alien encounters are a delicious bite to sell papers, write books or make films.

Tabloid journalists, vendors or investigators mystery. Many people have written about this subject that continues to arouse interest, proof of this are the numerous references found about it on Google.

Proof of this is Area 51, also known as Groom Lake or Homey Airport is a remote detachment of the Air Force Base Edwards. The facilities are located in a southern region of Nevada and about 133 km northwest of the city of Las Vegas. Located in the center, along the badlands of Groom Lake, it is a vast military airfield. The main objective of the foundation is undetermined and has references to hundreds of legends, however based on the historical evidence, is likely to be conducting research and development with advanced weapons systems and testing experimental aircraft that are not recognized officially by the US government. The intense secrecy surrounding the base has grown to become the subject of interest and the main casuistry of conspiracy theories and UFO phenomenon.

There are thousands of places in the territory covering California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico where the UFO apparitions are the lives of these destinations.

As in Roswell, New Mexico in a story about the clash of alleged alien spacecraft in the July 7, 1947. Recently, through its official website the FBI revealed in declassified documents, that one of its agents took note stating that a anonymous citizen claimed to have found alien inside flying saucers found in the soil.

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