Javier Arcenillas

2017 - 2019


The story begins like this ... “In Genesis there was only the sea. Everything was dark, neither sun nor moon, the water was the mother and her mantle covered everything ”.

For indigenous people there is no difference between dream or reality, day and night, visible or invisible…. Everything is equally real with eyes open or with them closed. The indigenous, like Alicia crosses the mirror of appearances naturally but not always with peace of mind because if the imaginary is sobering it also has its white and black.

AmA is a story, an illusion that we build in your most spiritual and dreamy emotional state. For generations the natives have explored the light and the subconscious in journeys beyond reason about a latent unreality of space / time, that origin is in need of domain of the cosmos. They are dreams materialized in a hidden place of the mind. In a meeting of two worlds their universes divide or intertwine over water or earth, soil and stars, consciousness and matter. The project embraces an imaginative and unreal photography that plays with illusion and fable as a different form of viewing. That exploration that directs us to deepen the narrative forms of visual expression.

AmA has to open up like an old adventure film movie full of gloomy lights, with big dark scenes that are fused in black. I imagine it as the old King Kong movie in 1933, large maps that populate history and gloomy and gloomy images that trace the photographic reading. The drawings are part of the story that is being built as a story.

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