Leafhopper Blanca Galindo & David Simon Martret

2015 - Ongoing


Escaping from the fact of death has been throughout History and geography inherent to human beings. These series of images consider addiction as an adaptation, a way of connection, a driving force that make us forget the fact that everything is on the Nature will disappear or somehow change the way we know it now.

Escaping from oneself has been throughout history and geography inherent to human beings and animals. We have both experience how some relatives or beloved friends felt in the arms of addiction. And because of that it’s been an important issue to us and we have been covering substance addiction stories in Russian, Asia and Europe in order to understand more about this process and what lead people to get enroll in this circuit of obsession. For us to photograph is not only a tool for capturing reality fragments but a tool of interpretation and learning in the process.

Since February 2015 and until the date, we have been researching, interviewing and developing the project in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan, USA, Spain, Finland and Mexico.

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