Lauren Hare

2017 - Ongoing

United States

When I think back to my earliest memories of looking at portrait books as I girl, what pulled me towards the images was the phenomenon of looking, of being able to see the people in the images as both a mysterious stranger and person, but even more memorable was the hold the resulting feeling had on me-- I was able to experience their humanity through my perception of the world and who I was in it.

'Secrets' is a series of portraits and my ongoing body of work motivated by my fascination with humanness, vulnerability, beauty, and emotion; What makes us unique? What ties us together? I strive to highlight universal elements of humanity that we all share regardless of circumstance-- the tender, the lonely, the love, and the hope of the human experience, as seen in private moments of stillness or introspection. It is my hope that through the portraits I make, a genre commonly used to document the person and their personal story, we can see the person in both their own uniqueness but also as a point in which we may recognize ourselves and each other's humanity.

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  • Secrets

  • Tricia-Rose writing a letter to the new owners of her home

  • Siblings on the 4th of July

  • Shatoya Inside

  • Grandbaby at the rodeo

  • Nic post op

  • The Feeler

  • Amaia loves spiders

  • Grandbaby