About Christian


Christian Lange (* 1979, Greiz Germany) studied graphic design in Potsdam, Leipzig and Zurich. After graduation, he worked for various studios such as ›Ludovic Balland Typography Cabinet‹ and ›Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin‹. In 2014 he started his own studio in Munich with focus on book design, visual identity and exhibition design in the fields of art and culture. His work stands in a close dialogue between questions of content, exploring various ways of visualization and language itself. A process that allowed him to find his very own creative positioning. The publication ›Lange Liste 79-97‹ (Spector Books), a documentary of an everyday family life supported by thousands of list entries, carries out an experimental narrative of Christian Lange’s own childhood and youth. It also marks the start of his independent professional activity. Christian Lange’s work has been awarded the ›Most Beautiful Swiss Books‹, ›Most Beautiful German Books‹, ›Best Book Design from All Over The World‹ and the ›DAM Architectural Book Award‹

Nationality German
Based in Munich, Germany

Current Location: Munich, Germany