The Essence of Beauty

Kristina Varaksina

2019 - Ongoing

New York, United States; City of London, England, United Kingdom

These portraits are part of an on-going creative project, The Essence of Beauty, which gives voice to women from different ethnic, socio-economic, and cultural backgrounds. Each portrait is an observation and a contemplation. An attempt to outwardly express an internal narrative, to amplify the voice of the subject.


Through the prism of my own experience growing up in Russia, where women were valued more for their beauty than for their internal selves, the project has become an exploration of the psyche of women and the issues of self-perception and self-discovery.  An investigation of what women identify with, what they consider empowers them, what drives their resilience and their success. The Essence of Beauty is a creative portrayal which in essence reflects the qualities by which women define themselves.


Many of these images have received recognition at such highly regarded photography competitions as Portrait of Britain, Portrait of Humanity and Lens Culture. 

The work has also been featured in Best in Vogue and by the BBC. 

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