urban landscape

Kostas Kapsianis

2004 - 2013

The "urban Landscapes" series explores the landscape like space irrevocably alienated from human imposition . The site is not intended as an objective ground for aesthetic contemplation and relaxation mid occurring events and/or situations , but rather the opposite is true . The seemingly invisible but existing relations, create situation, and these interwoven, are manufacturing the space anew . The perpetually in flux human intervention , desire, the hidden social desire is the event that determines the properties of space and producing any effect, condensed in organisms ,semantics and everyday practises related to political behaviour and identity.

The series is looking for the traces of this movement that mark with their unseen threads the space, in demarcated areas, who by default are seeking the defined, the compact. Utopias whose their description perhaps becomes impossible, since this system that contains them, simply can not name them, can not give them a specific identity when they are in the state of constant change. In the case of these sites, there is not an objective compact reality that should be represented and precisely this attempt to put such a reality in a representation, is what matters.

kostas kapsianis

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