What About the Horses

Katie Murray

2016 - Ongoing

Political races are often referred to as horse races.  With this in mind, shortly after the 2016 election, I began to photograph at a local racetrack, but each encounter left me wondering, what about the horses?  The horse, a majestic animal, is the universal symbol of freedom without restraint. In the bible, horses are associated with war, in dreams-strength and desire, in mythology-victory. For me, horses became the catalyst to exploring these ideas and deeper questions about myself, my country, my place- in both meanings of that word.  

As is often the case, questions lead to further questions. What insight lies in the cut of watermelon, a blood stained American flag, an empty parking lot, and relic?  Or in the gestures of a human or animal body?  

This collection of pictures looks to collapse the space between personal and public history. Made as close as my home in New York, to as far south as the Mississippi River, and as far west as Colorado; the aim is to create a poem, a meditation, a prayer that lifts the subjects from the ordinary to the historical and from the temporal to the sacred. 

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