Now my life will change for the better

Kasia Łukasiewicz

2019 - Ongoing

The theme of this research and artistic project is a new spirituality that breaks the existing orders of what is religious and what is secular. In the past, religion was one of the most important systems defining man's sense of existence and social role. In the postmodern world, it is man himself who creates his life, awareness, and sense of existence. Choosing his identity and creating an individual vision of the world, he constructs a personal biography. The new form of religiosity is a contemporary search for the sacred, a form of an alternative lifestyle, individual practice based on self, mindfulness, reflection, self-awareness, depth, and personal development. These spiritual practices become helpful in understanding and taming the world in the face of fear, uncertainty, doubt and confusion, crises, and social isolation. They are a recipe for the experience of fulfillment, and as in the title taken from a guestbook entry belonging to one with spiritual healers - a change for the better.

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  • Ewa is performing a regression session, which is preceded by relaxation and meditation, one can release the emotional load, stresses, fears or coded patterns of behavior, perception of oneself and others instilled by parents or school.

  • 4. Wioletta – tantra teacher, life-coach, parapsychologist, spirituality traveler, fortune teller, numerologist, medium. She's using channeling, energy diagnostics, angel cards, hypnosis, regress, numerology, tuning fork, divination and clairvoyance, communication with Personal Angels, communication with the soul and travels into previous lives.

  • 1. Regina – aura reader. She paints and interprets human aura (morphogenetic field inside the physical, mental and spiritual bodies). One can find life answers by knowing the meaning of aura colors.

  • 12. Kasia (HarmanJot Kaur) - a teacher of kundalini yoga according to the message of Yogi Bhajan. Kundalini is a dormant part of a person's life force, which is located at the base of the spine. Regular practice based on asanas, kriyas, pranayama and the wealth of mantras awakens this strength, giving a deep dimension to changes at all levels of life.

  • 2. Krzysztof – energy therapist and bio therapist. working in Usui Reiki system. A specialist in acupressure and therapeutic massage.

  • 9. Hanna – energy work teacher. She created her own method and named herself Light, Space of the Heart and Energy of Love. Hanna creates energy massages called Source Awareness Points.

  • 11. City ​​witches-cool sorceress – through social media and videoblogs on the YouTube channel, spread knowledge about spirituality, psychology, magic, places of power and cosmic energies.

  • 8. Izabela – women of power passionate about shamanic and esoteric practices, painter, visioner, traveler, a curator, tattoos artist. She paints magical-symbolic images, creates mandalas and Sacred Geometry, works with Animal of Power, leads the ceremony of Sweat Longes, art workshops, and Circles meetings.

  • 6. Stanisław – music therapist, dowser and bioenergy therapist who leads sound healing concert sessions using mystic and ethnic instruments: gongs, Himalayan bowls, shamanic drums, didgeridoo, bells, and tuning forks. He's the owner of "Harmonic Life" with a variety of healing products.

  • 10. Paweł – rebirther. He’s using a rebirthing-breathwork therapy technique that can cure disease and relieve mental pain. It can be used to purge traumatic childhood memories that had been repressed and gain freedom from the past.

  • 7. Miłosz – the healer who performs energetic massages and makes natural stone jewelry.

  • 3. Paulina – shamanic tarot reader and numerologist. She sees tarot as a mandala and images of archetypes. Tarot it’s a tool to connect with cycles and growth.

  • 5. Jola and Zbyszek who create orgones – special accumulators made out of resin, metal filings, mountain, and real gems that neutralize negative energies into positive and harmonize space for mental and physical well-being.