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My Tinder Boys

Yushi Li

2017 - 2018

City of London, England, United Kingdom

I use photography as an intrusive tool of observing to investigate the male representation as an erotic subject in light of digital social networks.

In the project My Tinder Boys, I photographed different men I met through the online dating application Tinder. During these unusual ‘dates’, I am both the violator who tries to 'invade' their private space and also the desiring object who participates in their vulnerability.

It can be seen that there is certain precariousness to the way these men stage themselves for my photographs, which revealed men’s uncertainty in knowing how to be erotic for the camera. By putting these men in the stereotypically feminine space - the kitchen, my work tries to question the binary view of gender, and to examine established ways of staging eroticism and intimacy.

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