About Khaled


I was born in Dhaka in 1981. I began working as a photographer in 2001. I realized photography is not just a play of camera; it’s a play of life with light and darkness. Thus I chose the path of photography to experience culture and life. It became a part of my identity, a force that makes me think, feel and the understand human beings and life.

I have worked as a freelancer for several daily newspapers in Bangladesh and international magazines. My works have been published in major international magazines and newspapers in the world: New York Times, Sunday Times Magazine, American Photo, National Geographic Society, Better Photography, Saudi Aramco World Magazine, Guardian, Telegraph, The Independent and The New Internationalist, Himal Southern, Women’s e-News.

I am an indigenous photographer, telling the narratives of a land that shaped me. I am interested in documenting stories about people and our interaction with nature, about healing and surviving, about fighting for rights and toiling for food, about taking a stand against injustice. A story never ends, it continues to develop, sometimes it fades or it becomes history but it can be still documented. So, I believe in documenting change that is constant.

When people think of me only as a photographer then I realize I am not just a photographer but also a socially responsible person. I strongly believe, work that benefits others, work that makes a positive contribution to my community gives me joy and this joyful attitude helps me succeed in my career.

As a Documentary Photographer, I have been documenting the interaction between people and the environment around us. I had the opportunity to participate in the panel discussion by National Geographic Society, Inter-Press Services and other organizations to better document cultural concerns. I am now working as an artist residency program in Samdani Art Foundation in Bangladesh.

My works have been published and exhibited worldwide in London, Mexico, Russia, Syria, France, Uzbekistan, Canada, USA and China.

Awards and honors:

•All Roads Photography Award from National Geographic Society for documentary project “Living Stone”, 2008.

•Grand Prix winner of “Europe and Asia – Dialogue of Cultures” International Photography Contest organized by Museum of Photography, Russia, 2009.

•Mark Grosset Documentary Prize, France, 2009.

•Humanity Photo Documentary Jury Awards organized by UNESCO, China, 2009.

•CIWEM’s Environmental Photographer of the Year, UK, 2009.

•View Book Photo Story Documentary Jury Prize, Netherlands, 2009.

•Honorable Mention in Professional Category of Photo Philanthropy First Activist Award, 2009.

•Alexia Foundation Award (Award of Excellence), USA, 2009.

•The CDP Emerging Documentist Award, Australia, 2009.

•6th Days Japan Photojournalism Awards, Japan, 2010.

•Finalist of Emerging Vision Incentive in Picture of the Year International 2010.

•Golden Medal Award TashkentAle, Uzbekistan, 2010.

•Emerging Photographer in Contemporary World by Nikon Asia, 2011.

•2nd Prize, Audience Choice, Women’s Voices from Muslim World Film Festival, USA, 2011.

•Finalist, Prix HSBC Photography Competition, France, 2011.

•First Prize winner in BINUS International Photo Competition, Indonesia, 2011.

•Merit Prize winner in Yonhap International Press Photo Awards, Korea, 2011.

•Dart Center Ochberg Fellowship, Dart Society, USA, 2011.

•Samdani Artist Development Award winner 2012.

Age 39
Born in Dhaka, Bangladesh