Karen Haberberg

2019 - Ongoing

THE SKIN WE LIVE IN is a multimedia experience that aims to share the stories of transgender and gender-diverse youth through still and moving pictures.


Of the children who have already been photographed and interviewed, each one conveyed a similar version of the same idea: they are all people. This project aims to center that idea by looking at the lived experiences of trans children. While many creative pieces today tend to focus on the trauma of such experiences, this project breaks that narrative by presenting the participants as they want to be seen. The focus of this piece is the people, their stories, and what they want to share with the world.


The main goal is to provide a safe space for children to tell their stories. My hope is that this project not only gives space to a typically marginalized community but also encourages transgender kids to see their own strength and beauty reflected in these portraits of their peers and to inspire them to speak out about their own experiences.

I am looking for funding to continue this project. Please the following link to really meet these brave kids.

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  • I am Beck. What if I am a girl?

  • The first dress I ever wore.

  • I have always been obsessed with feminine things and tried to suppress it.

  • Deep inside I AM a girl.

  • I didn't really fit in 4th grade and started to think I am just weird and I don't fit in my body.

  • I was aware of my entire body all the time. I didn't like my chest or hair. I just didn't want to see myself or let others see me.

  • In 6th grade I realized I wasn't comfortable being called a girl anymore -- I couldn't be comfortable with who everyone thinks I am.

    I identify as non - binary. I don't care about the girl or boy label. I am kinda just me.