Katharina Dubno

2017 - Ongoing

Żarki, Silesian Voivodeship, Poland

How can one lead a fulfilling life in a total seclusion, in a house in the middle of the forest?

When my cousin Izabela was 26 years old, she made a live-changing decision as she entered the Convent of Carmelites, which she left after 12 years with four other nuns. Today they live in their ideal „Carmel“– an open house for those who seek` which they established in the woods of Żarki-Letnisko, in a former family dacha.

Waking up at 5 a.m., contemplation, morning prayer, mass, breakfast, work — in this small space I had been observing all those rituals, before
I understood that participating was not enough to convey the spiritual dimension of living such a life. It was the beginning of my personal transformation which pushed me to make an attempt to listen to the story of each of the sisters: Iza, Monika, Alina and Klaudia — with their faith, talents and convictions — which finally made me realize that by creating the new selves and by becoming Jonatana, Augusta, Walteria and Elizeusza they remained true to themselves and evolved their identity.

This eye-opening experience allowed me to notice what I was surrounded with. All items and rituals – everything they did permeated their past and present – everything here had soul!
The ones who take up a journey deep into theirselves and find their identity, are able to make enormous changes and create a bond with everyone and everything in their surrounding — beyond the limits of religions, cultures and nations.

re-creation is a meditive narrative about a microcosm, where the whole is revealed in the smallest.

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