body of work

Katrin Binner

2021 - Ongoing

KATRIN BINNER, body of work, 2021

60 x 80 cm, inkjet print

Katrin Binner describes the external appearance of a person as one that is largely defined by the shape and surface texture of the body. “Without a body, our ego, our spirit, cannot be located anywhere,” the photographer continues. "Who we are also determines our body and thus the physical manifestation of ourselves."

Katrin Binner's work deals with women who practice bodybuilding as a sport, train their bodies extensively and usually present them on social media. However, women who practice this sport are also exposed to criticism. The traditional hetero-normative gender roles of men and women are called into question by women's strength training. Not least because they developed bodies that are traditionally more associated with men and thus question the norm.

Female bodies that shape themselves to their limits, as well as the relationship of women to their muscles and their bodies in connection with their formal representation, are the focus of her photo project body of work, with which she also addresses an actually paradoxical situation of the present, which is shown in social media: in a virtual and thus disembodied space, physicality is ultimately celebrated and staged.

Katrin Binner,

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