Broken flowers

Kate Dmitrieva

2011 - 2014

These photos make up a story of a woman’s loneliness, it is about her quest, which doesn't bring liberation, about being unable to "live in the present moment" and be happy. The heroine dreams of the future, or ponders the past, waits for something to happen. She feels anxiety and sadness; she is full of thoughts and unplugged from reality, as if life is floating past her.

She is alone, or in a relationship, she is fenced off from the world, or defiantly rushes to embrace it - happiness and contentment seem unattainable goal, accessible to someone, but not to her. This is a story about me and many other women I came to know and am continuing to meet, unconsciously expressed through portraits, things and places. I have noticed that to some degree, this condition is common to each and every woman, not only to me, and often pain and its negation is hidden under an arrogant and self-sufficient appearance. Years later, I have learned to cope with this, but the roots of the "wrong" perception grow deep inside, and sometimes still make themselves felt.

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