Karla Guerrero


This series emerges from an aesthetic's nexus that respond to nature elements seeing on my grandfather's road trip photo diaries. Since I was a child, I have felt a strong connection to these images. I decided to create new compositions in which the resulting images are displayed alongside textures and patterns from nature and landscapes.This new imagery intervenes and aesthetically recreates the family archive, memory, and the relationship with nature, giving a new meaning to the concept of family.

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  • Jorge

  • Jorge and Aurora

  • El gato y el ratón

  • Family Portrait I

  • Family Portrait II

  • Road trip I

  • Road trip II

  • Untitled IV (J and B)

  • Todas las cosas bellas

  • Wedding (1963)

  • Untitled II (hunters)

  • Road trip III

  • El viejo y La Calandria (The old man and the Calandria)

  • Untiled III (Sunset 73)