Karen Miranda-Rivadeneira

2014 - 2016

Oaxaca, Mexico


Ümo derives from the concept of an Aztec deity that states that nothing exists by itself, but in the way we want to perceive; thus, the nature of reality is devoid of meaning, empty.

From this idea I started questioning the notion of representation, perception, South American mysticism and the singularity of each object/image.

I ask myself, what is the acid that dissolves illusion in perception?

How can I fast and cleanse my vision to see what lies underneath an image?

From what part of my body am I creating art? What is the muscle, the nerve, and the emotion that fires out expression?

If rain is precipitation of water, then experience is precipitation of awareness.

In Ümo I am interested in questioning that infinite and ambiguous space that arises between the capturing of an instant and the actualization of the object/image.

Together, these images are little journeys that, like life itself, irrevocably tell a story.

A photograph never ends in the photograph; that’s the mere beginning.

Let the image be a river that takes us somewhere.

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