Bonding Pieces

Juliana Rizzieri


Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Sometimes fighting cancer is not enough. When the war is over, you realize that the image reflected at the mirror is not the same as memory assume as real. Hair goes away and come back different. Skin gets spots, scars and wrinkles. Body shape can be affected by weight gain or loose and recurrent surgeries that frequently result in muttilation. You may survive cancer but probably will not pass trough it intact.

Bonding Pieces is a healing project. The artist had faced her own ghosts when decided to undress in front of herself and had a hard experience when looked at the pictures and realized that she couldn't see herself there. Understanding this process and being gentle to her own feelings helped to figure out a way to a reconection. The self-portraits didn't mean anything at first sight, but when she had the courage to cut them, she finally found herself again in her own pieces. Bonding Pieces is more than images, it is a lighthouse that guides an identity reconstruction. It is photography being a strong self-knowledge tool.

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