Boys With Long Hair

juliana sohn

2018 - Ongoing

The length of one’s hair is a personal decision that manifests itself outwardly, visible to the public. As the mother of two boys with long hair, when I gauge the length of hair on a young boy I understand the

time, patience, and determination the child endured achieving that length.

Since many boys with long hair are often mistaken for girls, I see their decision to grow their hair as an indication of the individual’s strong character and their solid grasp of self-identity. It is a challenge of social conventions in a very personal way. My project celebrates these young people who persist in wearing their hair the way they choose regardless of how society may perceive them. My aim is to show a larger audience that an open mind, strong character, and tolerance for assumptions are present in the very young.

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  • Lionel, Age 12, 2019

  • Roman, age 9, 2019

  • Forrest, age 15, 2019

  • Jackson, age 5, 2018

  • Shaia, Age 6, 2018

  • Anton, age 12, 2018