Waiting On The Dream

Juan Madrid

2012 - 2014

An exploration of the city of Flint, Michigan, which often tops annual lists of most violent cities in the United States. Flint is a city born of the history of this country, an image of a country that is held back by the systems that propelled it to where it is.

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  • A damaged fence on the North Side.

  • A homeless man waves to a passing car.

  • A mural depicting Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X on the side of a dilapidated building on the North Side.

  • T.P. holds his cousin's new puppy.

  • Flint was in prison at the age of 18 for a gang-related murder. After 12+ years of incarceration, he now works at a corner store and tries to be a role model for youth in his community.

  • A punching bag on the East Side. The owner was incarcerated for domestic abuse at the time of the photograph.

  • A tire lays in a field on the south side near an Interstate 69 overpass.

  • Renee enjoys taking a nap in her car at one of the local parks on warm days.

  • Inside an abandoned home.

  • Three young men on the East Side.

  • Two young men on the East Side.

  • Steve at a bus stop. He works as a laborer and has lived 40 years in Flint.

  • Nubbz and his son. Nubbz lost hand and forearm saving his daughter from a firework.

  • A dead dog outside an abandoned building.