The Ravine, the Virgin, & the Spring.

Juan Brenner

2019 - 2020

“The Ravine, the Virgin & the Spring” is the new body of work I’ve been executing for the past year. Shot in its entirety in Guatemala City, it is a new way for me to interact with this territory.

In the last few years my work has been focused on getting out of my comfort zone, visiting topics and ways of producing images I’ve never experimented with before.

I’m really interested in how history has shaped our way of life and in this instance, I dialogue with the city in search of understanding how we got here. Primitive urban planning, the 20th century and its political turmoil, internal war, natural disasters and globalization, have made Guatemala City one of the most eclectic and peculiar places I’ve ever been to.

This series will be published as a book by Pomegranate Press in December of this year, Pomegranate Press is one of the most cutting edge editorial houses in U.S.

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